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Black Onyx & Howlite Gemstone Bracelet

Black Onyx & Howlite Gemstone Bracelet

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Description: black onyx & howlite gemstone bracelet

Brand: soulstoked

Color Options: black onyx & howlite (as shown) -- black onyx inspires the feeling of being in your personal power, initiation & change as it guides you in facing your fears. black onyx will help to soothe you, absorbing & transforming negative energy, protecting your system from becoming drained. it brings strength, promotes stamina & helps you to remain at east with your surroundings. a stone of oneness, howlite brings peace and helps to calm the mind. it opens up gateways for greater communication with your higher spiritual consciousness. a very healing stone, howlite allows you to reconnect with your emotional being, releasing anger & replacing it with understanding & tranquility. howlite is also said to bring a good nights sleep & allow for healing & peace in your dreams.